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Colgate Max White One Professional

colgate Max White One

Colgate Max White One Professional is a take home, tray-based, whitening system.

It is specially formulated to remove tooth discolouration due to foods, tobacco and other stain-causing materials.

Your dentist or oral hygienist takes an impression of your teeth and makes up a cast. Then whitening trays are made for you to whiten your teeth at home at a time that is convenient to you.

Product Characteristics:

  • Clinically proven
  • Use for as little as 30 minutes per day
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • From Colgate

Product Benefits:

  • Visibly whiter teeth in just 3 days
  • Convenient and easy to use

Patient Instructions for Tooth Whitening System:

  • Load gel into your bleaching tray made by your Dentist
  • Brush teeth, then insert tray. Adapt tray sides to teeth
  • Remove excess gel with clean finger, tissue or soft toothbrush
  • Follow dentist's instructions. If significant sensitivity occurs, stop treatment and consult dentist
  • Clean tray with soft toothbrush and cool tap water.
  • Store tray in case provided


  • Do not use household bleach to whiten your teeth
  • It is recommended that pregnant or lactating women not use bleaching systems
  • Keep gel out of heat/sunlight
  • Do not freeze
  • Tooth fillings and crowns do not respond to tooth bleaching
  • Foods and juices high in acid may cause sensitivity
  • Do not use tobacco products or eat while bleaching

If you have questions about this treatment, please ask your dentist.

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