Treatments & Fees At Navan Road Dental Practice

Treatments And Fees

Dental Examination

This involves a full health assessment of your mouth including your teeth, oral tissues & gums, bleeding gums, restorations (fillings), any dental appliances, alignment of your teeth and jaw.

We also screen for oral cancer. If any problems or concerns are detected such as decay, an x-ray may be taken to examine it further.

Treatment Price
Examination €35.00
PRSI Covered Nil
X-Ray €20.00 - €40.00
OPG (Panoramic X-Ray) €50.00

Hygienist Services

The hygienist will carry out a thorough cleaning of your teeth in difficult to reach areas and stain removal. This is also known as scale and polish.

If patients have advanced gum disease, a more extensive cleaning of the root surface and anti-microbial flushing of the gum pockets is required.

The Hygienist will also provide you with advice on maintaining optimal oral health.

Topics include brushing and inter-dental cleaning, dietary analysis, smoking cessation and denture care.

Treatment Price
Hygienist Treatment €70.00
Advanced Gum Treatment €100.00

Children's Dentistry

Fissure sealants may be advised in certain cases. They are usually placed on teeth where there are deep fissures or grooves that are likely to be a higher risk for decay.

Treatment Price
Child Examination €30.00
Fissure Sealant (Per Tooth) €35.00

Restorative Treatments

Treatment Price
Composite Fillings (White/Tooth-Coloured) €100.00 - €150.00
Amalgam Fillings (Silver) €90.00 - €150.00

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Price
Teeth Whitening €250.00
Teeth Whitening Refill Cartridge €20.00 - €30.00

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Tooth Extraction

Treatment Price
Routine Extraction €90.00 - €120.00
Surgical Extraction €150.00 - €250.00

Mouth Guards

Night guards are recommended for patients who grind and or clench their teeth.

Sports guards are critical and in some cases mandatory during contact sports to protect the teeth and gums. (Scientific literature supports the wearing of sports guards during contact sports to reduce incidence of head and neck injuries.)

Treatment Price
Night Guard For Grinding (Soft/Hard) €100.00 - €150.00
Sports Guard (Different Colours Available) €75.00

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment involves removal of infected pulp tissue from a tooth while maintaining the exterior structure of the tooth. Dr Ciaran O'Driscoll specialist endodontist carries out this treatment.

Treatment Price
Consultation €80.00
Anterior (Front) Tooth €650.00
Premolar Tooth €750.00
Molar Tooth €850.00

Crowns & Veneers

Aesthetic treatment options for extensively broken down or discoloured teeth. Choice of crown depends on the position of the tooth, remaining tooth structure and aesthetic concerns of the patient.

Treatment Price
Porcelain/Metal Crown (Typically Back Teeth) €800.00
Full Gold Crown (Typically Back Teeth) €800.00
Post and Core (Internal Core Support) €250.00
Veneers €450.00
Bridge (Conventional, Per Unit) €800.00

Dentures (from)

Treatment Price
Partial Denture (Acrylic) €300.00 - €500.00
Partial Denture (Chrome) €1000.00
Full Upper or Lower Denture €500.00
Full Upper and Lower Denture €850.00